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A-Z of Links to Name Reactions and Transformations

Science of Synthesis includes chapters that are useful as a resource for the preparation and teaching of advanced organic chemistry courses. The articles by expert chemists on particular topics (e.g., types of transformation, named reactions) can be used as a reference resource when preparing course material. They also serve as an excellent starting point for students for further reading around a topic. Furthermore, Science of Synthesis is a useful resource for students who are assigned coursework such as compiling a literature review on an area of synthetic organic chemistry, or when writing an introduction to a thesis.

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Example of Stereoselective Synthesis Volume 3 — 2.7.2 The Claisen Rearrangement


Science of Synthesis Crossword

Test your organic chemistry knowledge with the Science of Synthesis crossword: A fun exercise for a lab group meeting, or useful as a set of practice problems for an organic chemistry class. 

All solutions can be found by searching in the electronic version of Science of Synthesis!  


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