Selenium Tetrachloride Catalyzed Iodination of Arenes and Heteroarenes

Biomimetic Iodofunctionalization of Aromatic and Heteroaromatic Compounds Catalyzed by Selenium Tetrachloride: B. C. O. Rocha, G. P. Perecim, C. Raminelli
SynOpen 2019, 3, 142–147


Iodine-substituted aromatic/heteroaromatic compounds have a prominent role in a number of research areas and have countless applications in chemistry, materials science and medicine, to name a few. Recently, the group of Professor Cristiano Raminelli from the Universidade Federal de São Paulo (Brazil) reported a new versatile approach to the title compounds.

Professor Raminelli said: “Considering the demand for iodinated organic compounds in synthetic organic chemistry, along with the potential applicability of iodinated compounds in medicinal chemistry and medicine, we have developed a novel method for the iodofunctionalization of organic substrates, which employs sodium iodide as an inexpensive iodine source, 30% hydrogen peroxide as a mild oxidizing agent, and selenium tetrachloride as a commercially available catalyst, in water without a co-solvent. The catalyst disclosed mimic haloperoxidase enzymes allowing environmentally friendly halogenations of organic substrates. Iodinated aromatic and heteroaromatic compounds were obtained in good isolated yields. In addition, the catalytic system developed has demonstrated potential for the bromination of organic compounds.”

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