• Professor S. Miao (Georgia Regents University, Augusta, USA)


New Potential Organic Semiconductors

Shaobin Miao presents the synthesis of large pyrene-fused azaacenes in SYNTHESIS.

Synthesis of Large Pyrene-Fused Azaacenes: S. Miao and co-worker Synthesis 2015, 47, 871–874

Professor Shaobin Miao from Georgia Regents University (Augusta, USA) and co-workers from Hunan University (P. R. of China) and the University of South Carolina (USA) report the straightforward synthesis of fascinating large pyrene-fused tetraazaheptacenes which may find future use as organic electronic materials. The compounds were obtained by cyclocondensation reaction and were characterized by absorption spectra and X-ray crystallography.

Professor Miao said: “Highly stable and soluble pyrene-fused large heteroacenes which were constructed by a simple condensation reaction have low energy gaps and have potential as organic semiconductors.”

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