• Professor A. C. Spivey (Imperial College London, UK)


Biologically Important Phosphotriesters by Organocatalysis

Alan Spivey decribes the synthesis of biologically important phosphotriesters in SYNLETT.

Organocatalytic Phosphorylation of Alcohols Using Pyridine-N-oxide: A. C. Spivey and co-workers
Synlett 2015, DOI: 10.1055/s-0034-1379993

Professor Alan Spivey and co-workers from Imperial College London (UK) describe an organocatalytic route for achieving the phosphorylation of alcohol functions leading to the formation of a wide range of phosphate esters from primary, secondary, tertiary carbinols and phenols in good to excellent yields. The new reaction occurs under very mild conditions and provides straightforward access to phosphate pro-drugs and phosphorylated bioactive compounds.

  • Phosphorylation of alcohols using pyridine-N-oxide


Professor Spivey says: “A series of biologically important phosphotriesters were constructed using commercial pyridine-N-oxide as an economical and easily removable organocatalyst; this method, when deployed with the novel phosphorylating agent xylenyl phosphoryl chloride, also allows for facile deprotection to yield phosphomonoesters.”


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