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Women in Chemistry Award 2023

There are many talented women in chemistry doing fantastic research spread all over the world. We want to know who you think deserves to be the next Women in Chemistry Award winner.

  • Call for Nominations Women in Chemistry Award 2023

    Women in Chemistry Award 2023

    There are many talented women in chemistry doing fantastic research spread all over the world. We want to know who you think deserves to be the next Women in Chemistry Award winner.

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    We visit institutions around the globe and give scientific seminars about publishing with Thieme and our products.

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    World-renowned chemists have chosen the most important molecular transformations and evaluated them.

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    Thousands of scientists from 46 countries are part of our author community. We are proud to present them to you in an interactive world map.

Science of Synthesis

Full-text resource for methods in synthetic organic chemistry

Science of Synthesis provides a critical review of the synthetic methodology developed from the early 1800s to-date for the entire field of organic and organometallic chemistry.

Science of Synthesis Knowledge Updates - New Volume Editor

Sophie Rousseaux joins the team as editor of Volume 19 (Nitriles and Isocyanides)

Science of Synthesis Knowledge Updates – New Volume Editors Announced

Marc Taillefer and Samir Zard new editors for content on nitrogen functional groups

Women in Chemistry Award Nominate female chemists now!

Whom would you award with the Women in Chemistry Award 2023?

SOS Author Spotlight: Lara Malins and Richard Payne

Peptide synthesis explored with a Knowledge Updates chapter on chemoselective ligation chemistry

SOS Author Spotlight: Philip Harris (Pyrido[1,2-a]indoles)

Latest update to SOS includes synthetic routes to important hetarene systems: pyrido[1,2-a]indoles and aza analogues

ECAB members SoS presents the first Early Career Advisory Board

We are delighted to announce the first members of the SoS ECAB for 2022-2023!

SOS Release 4.25 — User Interface Science of Synthesis 4.25

Containing reviews on quinolines, benzophospholes, and 1,3-dienes.

Science of Synthesis: Electrochemistry in Organic Synthesis Electrochemistry in Organic Synthesis

Electrosynthesis represents an increasingly viable platform for molecular synthesis; this volume presents the key concepts, strategies, and latest advances.

Science of Synthesis — Click Chemistry Click Chemistry

This volume describes the most useful click transformations, and their applications in the chemical, biological, and materials sciences.

SOS Author Spotlight: Oleksandr Grygorenko and Bohdan Vashchenko (1,4-Dioxanes)

Methods for the Synthesis and Modification of 1,4-Dioxanes Compiled and Reviewed for SOS

Web seminar

Powering Molecular Transformers with High Quality Data. Sign up now!

SOS Author Spotlight: Zhi-Shi Ye (Piperazines)

Key Synthetic Routes to Piperazine Structures Comprehensively Reviewed for SOS

Another SOS Crossword is Now Available To Download

Put your knowledge of chemical names to the test!

SOS Author Spotlight: Vera Vil’, Oleg Bityukov, and Alexander Terent’ev

New Science of Synthesis Review on Acyclic Geminal Bisperoxides

Collaboration between IBM Research Europe and Science of Synthesis

The partnership aims at improving the prediction of chemical reaction results using artificial intelligence and synthesis data from Thieme's digital publication source for organic chemistry – Science of Synthesis.

Are you an early career researcher?

If yes, now is your chance to become part of the Science of Synthesis Early Career Advisory Board and to be networking with internationally renowned chemists!

BBTC Breaking Barriers Through Chemistry (Virtual) Conference

We are happy to announce the 1st Breaking Barriers Through Chemistry Conference on August 2nd-6th, 2021 - promoting collaboration with Mexican scientists from all areas of chemistry.

Science of Synthesis Knowledge Updates - New Volume Editor Appointed

Professor Jean-Marc Campagne is welcomed to the team!

Cristina Nevado Cristina Nevado is the Women in Chemistry Award Winner 2021

Cristina Nevado from the University of Zurich has been chosen as the second recipient of the Dr. Margaret Faul Award for Women in Chemistry.

sos virtual symposium SOS Symposium in Honor of Barry Trost

On November 11, 2020, our virtual SOS symposium with talks by Barry Trost and some of his alumni took place. Read the highlights at a glance here!

Happy birthday, Science of Synthesis!

In 2020, we celebrated the 20th anniversary of SOS and made a selection of SOS reviews freely available to everyone throughout the year.

SOS as a Teaching Resource Science of Synthesis as a Teaching Resource

The content of Science of Synthesis can also be useful for the preparation and delivery of advanced organic synthesis courses. Find out how teaching faculty and students can make the most of this resource in an educational context.

Free Radicals: Fundamentals and Applications in Organic Synthesis Free Radicals: Fundamentals and Applications in Organic Synthesis

Radical chemistry is undergoing a renaissance, both in the selective generation of organic radicals and in their use in organic synthetic reactions.

Professor Tim Donohoe Science of Synthesis Knowledge Updates – New Editor for Hetarene Content

Professor Tim Donohoe joins the Science of Synthesis Editor Team.

SOS Author Spotlight: Hajime Ito and Koji Kubota

Hokkaido University Researchers Review Borylative Ring Closure

Professor Stanislav Wnuk — SOS Author for Chapter 16.17 Science of Synthesis Update on Purines

Recent developments in purine synthesis have been reviewed by Professor Stanislav Wnuk and colleagues.

Dr. Narendra Ambhaikar Science of Synthesis Phenazines Update

Dr. Narendra Ambhaikar reviews recent synthetic routes to phenazine structures.

Science of Synthesis The Science of Synthesis Advisory Board Welcomes New Members

Professor J. Goodman (University of Cambridge), Dr. Y. Li (MIT), and Dr. D. Wrublewski (Caltech).

SOS Editorial Board Meeting 2019 Science of Synthesis Editorial Board Meeting 2019

The SOS team was delighted to meet with their Editorial Board in San Sebastian, Spain to discuss new ideas regarding topics and trends in organic synthesis.

SOS Case Studies SOS Case Studies: Users Show How They Enhance their Chemistry Research

A series of case studies have been prepared by major chemistry institutions worldwide. They are designed to illustrate practical examples of how SOS can benefit your research.

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