Aspiring young chemists win Poster Prizes at GC&E Conference

Yuhui (Helen) Du, Jeannes Angelia and Mingen Fei were honored with SusCirc-NOW Poster Prizes.

At the 27th GC&E Conference, which took place in Long Beach (Kalifornien), from June 13-15, these three young chemists were awarded the Sustainability & Circularity Now Poster Prizes:


Yuhui (Helen) Du

Title of the poster: Water Soluble Functional Copolymers with Tunable Degradability via Copolymerization of Cyclic Ketene Acetals and Anhydrides


Mingen Fei (Washington State University)

Title of the poster: Facile preparation of repairable and removable coatings with tunable dynamic properties


Jeannes Angelia (California State University Fullerton)

Title of the poster: Microwave-Assisted Synthesis of Dual sEH/FAAH Inhibitors as a Novel Non-Opioid Chronic Pain Treatment


Read more about the 27th GC&E Conference here.

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