News-Archive 2022

14.11.2022 Thieme Poster Prize awarded at ISOR-15

The Thieme Poster Prize was awarded to Xiang-Wei Haung and Vijaykumar Thorat at ISOR-15.

14.11.2022 SynOpen welcomes a new editor!

Prof. Tiansheng Mei, Shanghai Institute of Organic Chemistry (P. R. of China), becomes a SynOpen Editorial Board member.

09.11.2022 SOS Author Spotlight: Elena Villani and Shinsuke Inagi

Fundamentals and applications of bipolar electrochemistry described in Science of Synthesis

22.09.2022 ORCHEM Thieme Poster Awards

The Thieme Poster Prize was awarded to Lea Brechmann and Anne Kunz at ORCHEM.

SYNTHESIS editor Thorsten Bach receives the ACS Award 2023

Every year the Arthur C. Cope Fund awards scholars to recognize and encourage excellence in organic chemistry.

07.09.2022 Bromothiolation of Internal Alkynes

Xiao-Cheng Huang describes the metal-free bromothiolation of internal alkynes.

01.09.2022 Photooxidation of Toluene Derivatives into Carboxylic Acids

M. Kirihara and Y. Kimura show the catalyst-free, aerobic photooxidation of toluene derivatives.

31.08.2022 Poster Prizes awarded at BOS 2022

Four talented chemists were honored with SYNFACTS Poster Prizes at BOS 2022.

31.08.2022 Thieme Poster Prize Winner at BDSHC

The Thieme Poster Prize was awarded to Paula Fraňová at the 19th Blue Danube Symposia on Heterocyclic Chemistry.

30.08.2022 One-Pot Synthesis of Diaryl Sulfonamides via Metal Catalysis

Andrew Sutherland reports on the Fe/Cu-catalyzed synthesis of diaryl sulfonamides.

30.08.2022 Gram-Scale Synthesis of Substituted Triarylmethanes

Meng-Yang Chang presents the environmentally benign synthesis of substituted triarylmethanes.

23.08.2022 Thieme Poster Prize awarded at ISCHA-6

The Thieme Poster Prize was awarded to Amandine Luc at ISCHA-6.

11.08.2022 SYNTHESIS welcomes a new editor!

Dr. Antonia Stepan, F. Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd (Switzerland), joins the Editorial Board of SYNFACTS.

11.08.2022 SYNFACTS welcomes a new editor!

Prof. Dahui Zhao, Peking University (P. R. of China), becomes a SYNFACTS Editorial Board member.

09.08.2022 Synthesis of [10]Cycloparaphenylenes and their Binding to C60

M. von Delius, D. Guldi and T. Drewello describe the synthesis and binding properties of [10]cycloparaphenylenes.

Trost Symposium at ACS Fall 2022

Join us for the upcoming Thieme symposium honoring Prof. Barry Trost at the ACS Fall Meeting 2022!

29.07.2022 Thieme Poster Prizes awarded at SupraChem

Three promising young chemists were honored with Thieme Poster Prizes at SupraChem.

19.07.2022 Improved Scalable Synthesis of the (S,S)-DACH-Ph Trost Ligand

Yongda Zhang presents a new way to synthesize the (S,S)-DACH-Ph Trost ligand.

18.07.2022 Science of Synthesis Knowledge Updates - New Volume Editor

Sophie Rousseaux joins the team as editor of Volume 19 (Nitriles and Isocyanides)

14.07.2022 Thieme Poster Prize awarded at FACS2022

The Thieme Poster Prize was awarded to Nazanin Haddadpour at the French American Chemical Society 2022.

12.07.2022 Thieme Poster Prize Girona Seminar 2022

The Thieme Poster Prize was awarded to Andreas Schneider at the Girona Seminar 2020.

07.06.2022 Science of Synthesis Knowledge Updates – New Volume Editors Announced

Marc Taillefer and Samir Zard new editors for content on nitrogen functional groups

Mark Lautens 29.04.2022 SYNTHESIS: Some Questions to Mark Lautens

Mark Lautens took over as Editor-in-Chief of SYNTHESIS in 2022. We asked him some questions – and he answered.

15.03.2022 SOS Author Spotlight: Lara Malins and Richard Payne

Peptide synthesis explored with a Knowledge Updates chapter on chemoselective ligation chemistry

14.02.2022 SOS Author Spotlight: Philip Harris (Pyrido[1,2-a]indoles)

Latest update to SOS includes synthetic routes to important hetarene systems: pyrido[1,2-a]indoles and aza analogues

14.02.2022 Rh(II)-Catalyzed N–H Amination of Aliphatic Amines and α-Amino Acids

M. Ito and S. Sugiyama report on a Rh(II)-catalyzed method for the synthesis of hydrazines.

14.01.2022 Poster Prize awarded at Pacifichem 2021

Sho Murakami was awarded a poster prize at the Pacifichem 2021: A Creative Vision for the Future and receives a one-year subscription to SYNFACTS.

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