News-Archive 2016

Prof. Steven Noland and Dr. Catherine Cazin 14.12.2016 N-Heterocyclic Carbenes in Catalytic Organic Synthesis

This two-volume set from SOS provides a user’s guide to NHC chemistry and catalysis for novices as well as advanced users.

13.12.2016 Science of Synthesis 4.6

The new release of Science of Synthesis is now online, offering new content and further improved software.

12.12.2016 Synthesis of Non-racemic γ-Acetoxyallylboronates

Hajime Ito presents an enantiocontrolled synthesis of non-racemic γ-acetoxyallylboronates with an α-stereocenter.

28.11.2016 Asymmetric Aldol Reactions with a Dual Catalyst System

Armando Cordova describes water-compatible stereoselective asymmetric aldol reactions using a dual catalyst system.

Professor Yujiro Hayashi (Japan) 18.11.2016 Multistep Continuous-Flow Synthesis of (–)-Oseltamivir

Yujiro Hayashi presents a multistep continuous-flow synthesis of (–)-oseltamivir.

08.11.2016 Synthesis of the Siderophore Erythrochelin

Shigeki Sano reports the synthesis of the hydroxamate-type siderophore erythrochelin.

07.11.2016 New Parallel Synthesis of Di(hetero)arylamides

David Grierson describes a new synthesis for di(hetero)arylamides starting from N-TMS derivatives of weakly nucleophilic heteroaryl/arylamines.

Joe Richmond receives Gmelin-Beilstein Memorial Medal 2016 10.10.2016 Joe Richmond receives Gmelin-Beilstein Memorial Medal 2016

Guido F. Herrmann, Managing Director of Thieme Chemistry, held the laudation for Joe Richmond at the award ceremony.

Timothy M. Swager 06.10.2016 Tim Swager wins Linus Pauling Medal Award 2016

The ACS has announced this year’s winner of the Linus Pauling Medal Award. Congratulations!

Wie klein können Maschinen sein? 06.10.2016 How small can machinery be?

Three researchers have been awarded with the Nobel Prize in Chemistry for developing molecular machines. Read their article highlights for free!

14.09.2016 Augmented Reality as an Enabling Tool in Organic Chemistry

Steven V. Ley shows how augmented reality can be used as an enabling tool in organic chemistry.

12.09.2016 Olefination of Benzylamines with 2-Methylquinoline

Limin Wang presents the lanthanum-catalyzed olefination of benzylamines with 2-methylquinoline.

SOS Rroadshow in the Baltic Staes 2016 09.09.2016 Science of Synthesis Roadshow in the Baltic States

Seminars have been held recently at the Vytautas Magnus University, Kaunas, Lithuania and the Latvian Institute of Organic Synthesis, Riga, Latvia.

Case Study: Synthetic Approaches to Porphyrins by (2 + 2) Routes 22.08.2016 Case Study: Synthetic Approaches to Porphyrins by (2 + 2) Routes

Zhang Zongyao, Renmin University of China, Beijing, China

Gabriela Siemiaszko, Ecole Polytechnique, Palaiseau, France 12.09.2016 Case Study: [ 2 + 2 + 2 ] Cyclotrimerization of Alkynes and Nitriles

Gabriela Siemiaszko uses SOS to learn about [2 + 2 + 2] cyclotrimerizations of alkynes.

16.08.2016 Structural Core of Annonaceous Acetogenins

Gustavo Seoane and Margarita Brovetto describe an efficient access to the structural core of annonaceous acetogenins.

11.08.2016 Synthesis of α-Arylglycines and Other α-Amino Acid Derivatives

Georg Manolikakes presents the Bi- and Fe-catalyzed synthesis of α-arylglycines and other derivatives.

09.08.2016 New Synthesis of Morpholines and Benzoxazines

Florenci V. González describes the synthesis of morpholines and benzoxazines from nitroepoxides.

Four young chemists win Poster Prizes at BOS 03.08.2016 Four young chemists win Poster Prizes at BOS

Sandra Kaabel, Artis Kinens, Elisabeth Speckmeier and Aurelija Urbanaite were honored with the renowned SYNFACTS Prize at BOS.

08.07.2016 SYNFACTS Poster Prize awarded at ISXB-2

The SYNFACTS Poster Prize was awarded to Claire Fave at the 2nd International Symposium on Halogen Bonding.

01.07.2016 Synthesis and Structural Revision of a γ-Lactone Polyketide

G. Sabitha reports the stereoselective synthesis and structural revision of a γ-lactone polyketide of fungal origin.

21.06.2016 2-alkynyl-1,4-cyclohexadienes via a Diels–Alder reaction

Wesley Chalifoux and co-workers report the synthesis of 2-alkynyl-1,4-cyclohexadienes via a Diels–Alder reaction.

07.06.2016 Aryltrimethylgermanes for the Arylation of Amines and Amides

Qiang Zhang and his team present the Arylation of Amines and Amides with Aryltrimethylgermanes.

07.06.2016 Synthesis of 2-Azabicycles via Sm(II)-Promoted Cyclization

Michal Szostak describes the synthesis of 2- Azabicycles via Samarium (II)-promoted Cyclization of Imides.

CFZ-L-Synform-News-Suzuki-Matsumoto.jpg 26.04.2016 First Total Synthesis of Dermocanarin 2

Keisuke Suzuki and Takashi Matsumoto present the first total synthesis of Dermocanarin 2.

19.04.2016 Synthesis of Enantiopure tert-Butylmethylphosphine–Boranes

A Novel Entry to Enantiopure P-Stereogenic Ligands by A. Riera and X. Verdaguer: tert-Butylmethylphosphine–Boranes.

04.04.2016 Total Synthesis of the Amide δ-Sanshool and Analogues

Claudia Mugnaini describes the synthesis of the polyunsaturated fatty acid amide δ-sanshool and analogues thereof.

04.04.2016 Novel Entry to Peptides Incorporating Tryptophan and Analogues

Uli Kazmaier discovered a novel route towards peptides incorporating tryptophan and analogues.

22.02.2016 Photoredox Catalysis for a Novel Access to Pentafluorosulfanyl Compounds

Takashi Koike and Munetaka Akita report the photoredox catalysis for a novel method to access pentafluorosulfanyl compounds.

CSA Trust Logo 10.02.2016 CSA Trust Grant 2016

Apply now for the CSA Trust Grant 2016.

05.02.2016 Novel Substrates for Desymmetrization Processes

Philip Page und Richard Stephenson describe meso-benzylic bisalkynes as novel substrates for desymmetrization processes.

05.02.2016 Synthesis of Enantiopure Nδ-Monomethylated L-Arginine and L-Ornithine

Dennis Schade achieved the synthesis of enantiopure Nδ-monomethylated L-arginine and L-ornithine.


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