• Professor Y. Hayashi and his group (Tohoku University, Japan)


Multistep Continuous-Flow Synthesis of (–)-Oseltamivir

Yujiro Hayashi presents a multistep continuous-flow synthesis of (–)-oseltamivir.

Multistep Continuous-Flow Synthesis of (–)-Oseltamivir:
S. Ogasawara, Y. Hayashi

Synthesis 2016, DOI: 10.1055/s-2016-0036-1588899

The antiviral Tamiflu® – or (–)-oseltamivir phosphate – is one of the most effective drugs for treating various forms of influenza. A large number of synthetic approaches – more than 60 – have been reported for this compound. Recently, the group of Professor Yujiro Hayashi from Tohoku University (Japan) has published a flow synthesis of (–)-oseltamivir that has the advantage of being very efficient, safe and highly reproducible.

  • Multistep Continuous-Flow Synthesis of (–)-Oseltamivir by Prof. Y. Hayashi

    Multistep continuous-flow synthesis of (–)-oseltamivir


Professor Hayashi said:

“It is a great synthetic challenge to make Tamiflu with three continuous chiral centers in a single flow system of multi-steps, and it is realized with time economy and pot economy.” 

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