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    SYNFORM Editor Matteo Zanda (right) with Editorial Assistant Alison Sage (left)



SYNFORM complements the information provided by the Thieme Chemistry E-Journals. It serves the international chemistry community by publishing timely information about:

  • new scientific advances in organic chemistry and related fields of research
  • facts and people from the world of chemical sciences
  • highlights from international chemistry conferences

The content of SYNFORM is presented in a stimulating and thought-provoking manner and features two sections: The Inside Story and SynStories.

In The Inside Story an eminent competent personality interviews the main author of a recent groundbreaking article, an opinion leader in the chemical sciences, or an expert in an important area dealing with chemistry (politics, ethical issues, society, etc.).

SynStories feature new scientific advances, as reported in exciting recent papers in the field of organic chemistry, accompanied by the author's personal views. In addition, SynStories present up-to-date news about people and institutions, conferences and much more.

If you have any questions or wish to send feedback, please contact Matteo Zanda at: synform@outlook.com

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