Hisashi Yamamoto honored as Person of Cultural Merit (jap. ‘bunka kōrōsha’)

On November 3, 2018, Hisashi Yamamoto was awarded with ‘bunka kōrōsha’ (engl.: Person of Cultural Merit), an official Japanese recognition and honor. He is currently a highly valued member of our Editorial Board of SYNFACTS.

In Japan, Hisashi Yamamoto has already received the Medal with Purple Ribbon (2002), which is recognized as a very prestigious medal for all areas of culture in Japan, and the Japan Academy Prize (2007), which is the highest medal for all fields of Japanese academia. To be accredited with the ‘bunka kōrōsha’ is an even greater honor – one of the highest achievements in Japan.
The ‘bunka kōrōsha’ is awarded annually to select people who have made outstanding contributions to Japanese culture in a variety of fields, including science, academia, the arts, and sports. The award ceremony was held at the Imperial Palace on the Day of Culture (November 3).

Congratulations from the whole team at Thieme Chemistry!


About Hisashi Yamamoto
Hisashi Yamamoto is currently a faculty member at the University of Chicago (IL, USA) and professor at Chubu University (Japan). After earning his B.S. at Kyoto University, he moved to Harvard University to obtain his Ph.D. He was a professor at Nagoya University from 1983 until 2002 and has since been a professor within the Department of Chemistry at the University of Chicago.
His research focuses on the chemistry of acid catalysts that play an important role in triggering or driving chemical reactions, specifically Lewis and Brønsted acid catalysts used in selective organic synthesis.

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