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Synthesis of Benzothiazoles via Intramolecular Coupling

The first SynOpen article has been launched today. Zhi-Bing Dong describes an iodobenzene-promoted palladium-catalyzed synthesis of benzothiazoles via intramolecular coupling.

The group of Zhi-Bing Dong present the synthesis of a series of 2-aminobenzothiazoles by a iodobenzene-promoted palladium-catalyzed oxidative coupling with good yields (62–89%). The directing thiourea group attached to the aryl ring is essential for the activation of the ortho C–H bond. This simple protocol could be attractive in the fields of medicinal chemistry and materials science.

Read the full open access article here Iodobenzene-Promoted Pd-Catalysed ortho-Directed C–H Activation: The Synthesis of Benzothiazoles via Intramolecular Coupling

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“SynOpen reflects the changing way that chemists communicate and access their results. Electronic open-access publication of both letters and full manuscripts offers a super-fast way to disseminate scientific discovery to a wider audience. 

Having been an Associate Editor for SYNLETT for over 15 years, I am delighted to have the opportunity also to take on the editorship of SynOpen, which has the goal of assisting chemists to disseminate their work rapidly from laboratory to readership.”

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