Franziska Schoenebeck is the Thieme-IUPAC Prize Winner 2024

We are delighted to announce that the 2024 Thieme–IUPAC Prize has been awarded to Franziska Schoenebeck of RWTH Aachen University. Professor Schoenebeck becomes the 16th recipient of the prize, and joins a distinguished group of scientists whose research has had a major impact on the field of synthetic organic chemistry. The prize, which is awarded every two years and includes an award of € 5000, will be presented to Franziska Schoenebeck at the ICOS-24 conference before her Thieme–IUPAC lecture.

We warmly congratulate Prof. Schoenebeck and look forward to hearing about the latest developments from her laboratories!


About Prof. Franziska Schoenebeck
Following undergraduate studies in Berlin and Glasgow, Franziska Schoenebeck then obtained a PhD from the University of Strathclyde under the supervision of Prof. John A. Murphy. She then spent time as a Research Fellow in the group of Prof. K. N. Houk at UCLA, before joining the faculty of the ETH, Zurich, as Assistant Professor in 2010. In 2013 she moved to her current institution, RWTH Aachen University, achieving promotion to full Professor in 2016.

Franziska Schoenebeck is leading an internationally recognized research program at the interface of organic synthesis, homogeneous catalysis, and physical organic chemistry and uniquely combines a cutting-edge synthetic organic chemistry program with state-of-the-art computational and mechanistic studies. Her group has made pioneering contributions in diverse areas such as the use of organogermanes in synthesis and catalysis, the development of efficient methods for the trifluoromethylation of nitrogen groups, and the application of machine learning in the study and development of dinuclear metal complex catalysts.

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Members of the 2024 Selection Committee:

E. M. Carreira, Zurich, Switzerland
V. Gouverneur, Oxford, UK
M. Lautens, Toronto, Canada
D. Ma, Shanghai, China
J. Prunet, Glasgow, UK
T. Rovis, New York, USA
M. Sodeoka, Saitama, Japan

About the Thieme-IUPAC Prize

The Thieme-IUPAC Prize is awarded based on scientific merit for independent research dealing with synthesis in the broadest context of organic chemistry, including organometallic chemistry, medicinal and biological chemistry, designed molecules, and materials. It is presented every two years to a scientist within the first 15 years of their independent career whose research has had a major impact in synthetic organic chemistry.

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