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Since 1909 Thieme Chemistry publishes highly evaluated information in synthetic organic and general chemistry for professional chemists and advanced students. Thieme Chemistry is part of the privately owned Thieme Group.

Our product-portfolio encompasses: 

Most of our products are available in electronic format. Close cooperation within Thieme Chemistry of the team members of product development, the editorial offices, marketing and sales have resulted in electronic products that help chemists worldwide in industry and academia to excel in their careers.

The information needs of our customers are central to our efforts. Thieme Chemistry sells a full range of electronic products (Journals, Reference Works, Encyclopedias, Monographs). Our sales and marketing teams have established personal relationships with our customers worldwide. The feedback that we receive from the scientists using our products is important to us. Their experience is used to systematically improve the quality of our products.

Thieme Chemistry has established close cooperations with scientific societies (International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry, German Chemical Society, EuCheMS). Thieme Chemistry is also present at many international scientific conferences. We hope to meet you there.

The editorial offices consist exclusively of chemists, the majority holding a PhD degree. We endeavor to provide excellent publishing services to our authors. Our authors are among the leading experts in their fields and we take pride to publish their scientific publications in the highest quality possible. We value the personal contacts and relationships with our authors and the members of our editorial boards.

If you want to find out more about the people behind our Journals and Reference Works, please take a look here:

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