Synthesis of [10]Cycloparaphenylenes and their Binding to C60

Synthesis and C60 Binding of Aza[10]CPP and NMethylaza[10]CPP: F. Schwer, S. Zank, M. Freiberger, R. Kaur, S. Frühwald, C. C. Robertson, A. Görling, T. Drewello, D. M. Guldi, M. von Delius
Organic Materials 2022, 4, 7-17


The field of strained carbon nanostructures – such as nanohoops and nanobelts – is receiving considerable attention by chemists and materials scientists since the first report on [n]cycloparaphenylenes ([n]CPPs) in 2008. These molecules feature unusual optoelectronic and supramolecular properties that could find important applications in optoelectronic devices. Recently, a collaborative effort led by Professors Thomas Derwello and Dirk M. Guldi (Friedrich-Alexander Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg, Germany) and Professor Max von Delius (Ulm University, Germany) resulted in the development of a novel synthesis of aza[10]CPP and Nmethylaza[10]CPP, as well as in the incorporation of C60 in these compounds to form the corresponding supramolecular complexes.


Professor von Delius said: “Our work shows that seemingly small structural changes to the nanohoop [10]CPP have tremendous consequences on the binding of C60 (in solution and the gas phase) and on photo-induced electron transfer from macrocycle to fullerene.”

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