Interview with Thomas Boddaert

This Young Career Focus presents Thomas Boddaert (Paris-Sud/Paris-Saclay University, France).

Thomas Boddaert studied chemistry at ESCOM-University of Cergy-Pontoise and completed his PhD in 2009 at Aix-Marseille University. He then moved to Manchester University (UK) as a one-year postdoctoral associate. In late 2010, he returned to France for two additional postdoctoral years at the University of Rouen. In September 2012, he was appointed as an assistant professor at Paris-Sud/Paris-Saclay University (France). His current research interests focus mainly on cyclobutane derivatives, including their synthesis via photochemical approaches, studies of their chemical reactivity and their applications in the field of foldamer chemistry. In 2019, he received the Thieme Chemistry Journals Award.

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