Science of Synthesis System Requirements


You can use Science of Synthesis with any standard hardware and operating system. To get started you simply need an internet connection and a standard browser.

We test our online products with the latest versions of the following browsers:

  • Microsoft Edge
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Google Chrome
  • Apple Safari


If you prefer another modern browser, please test its HTML5 compatibility at We cannot guarantee a smooth user experience for older browsers. Especially for security reasons the use of a current browser is strongly recommended.

Please note that Microsoft Internet Explorer is no longer aupported.

A few more hints:

  • Science of Synthesis does not use permanent cookies but session cookies.
  • The structure drawing tool and some other functions in this product are based on JavaScript technology. Please enable JavaScript to ensure all functions.
  • The use of pop-up blockers, special browser plugins or other security systems may result in application errors.


Science of Synthesis provides access to PDF files and video tutorials:

  • To view the PDF files you need the appropriate software (e.g., Adobe Acrobat Reader or another freely available application).
  • Video tutorials are available here.


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