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Science of Synthesis Electronic Edition

The electronic version of Science of Synthesis gives easy access to the full-text methods and experimental procedures in the Science of Synthesis series (including up-to-date methods and special topics) and Houben-Weyl (PDFs with a text-searchable table of contents).

The electronic version of Science of Synthesis has a new modern, intuitive, browser-based interface.

Easily accessible and searchable

The intuitive and powerful search functionality allows you to quickly enter a structure or text query which then provides you with a comprehensive hitlist including illustrated reaction schemes. The structure/reaction searching module was developed in cooperation with InfoChem. Personal search queries can be saved in a MySOS account.

The built-in structure drawing tool can be used for inputting structure and reaction searches, but ChemDraw (cdx) files can also be uploaded. Compatability with SFX helps librarians direct their Science of Synthesis users, with their literature requests, to resources and services relevant to their search queries.

In addition to the search functionality, an interactive table of contents allows convenient browsing of the content and gives a comprehensive overview of the field.

Benefits for chemists
  • Save time when planning a synthesis

Retrieve a concise hitlist of reliable organic transformations and applicable methods, hand-selected by experts in the field.

  • Find the right synthetic route quickly

The full-text expert reviews help you to find out immediately which synthetic methods are useful for a particular route or not.

  • Start with a synthesis immediately

Practical and reliable experimental procedures can be implemented easily in the lab.

  • Get a comprehensive overview of the field or a certain topic

All methods are organized in a logical, consistent structure by functional group and presented in the context of a review of the field. This makes Science of Synthesis the perfect learning, teaching and consulting tool.

Further Information

Science of Synthesis also helps the preparation and teaching of advanced organic chemistry courses. Read more

Ranking of Results (pdf)

Hazard Information (pdf)

Liability Disclaimer (pdf)

Copyright Information (pdf)


"Science of Synthesis and Houben-Weyl are extremely important and useful review sources for synthetic chemists. Unlike most databases, they provide an overview of the synthetic literature and evaluate specific reactions and methods used for a variety of purposes. Any strong organic synthesis collection would be enhanced by this resource. By reading the review articles contained, researchers can save a great deal of time that would otherwise have been spent performing searches and wading through a vast quantity of articles to find the best synthetic method for a particular transformation. If funds can be spared in these times of troubled budgets, Science of Synthesis is an excellent investment." Judith Currano, Univ. of Penn., USA

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