• Michaela Pieszka, Dr. Sandra Michel-Souzy, Jacopo Movilli, and Prof. Pol Besenius


Thieme Poster Prize awarded at Twente / Mainz Mini-Symposium

The Thieme Poster Prize was awarded to three young chemists at the Twente / Mainz Mini-Symposium on 'Next Generation (Supra)Molecular Synthetic Materials', which took place in Mainz (Germany) on May 15, 2019. Congratulations!

At this year's Twente / Mainz Mini-Symposium organized by Pol Besenius and Tanja Weil, which took place in Mainz, Germany, on May 15, Dr. Sandra Michel-Souzy, Michaela Pieszka, and Jacopo Movilli were awarded with Thieme poster prizes. Each of them receives a copy of “Spectroscopic Methods in Organic Chemistry”.

  •  Orthogonally Stimulated Assembly and Disassembly of Peptides by Rational Chemical Design (Poster by Michaela Pieszka)
  •  Encapsulins: a multivalent engineering tool for medicine (Poster by Dr. Sandra Michel-Souzy)
  •  Modified PLL Polymers as Universal Surface Functionalization Strategy for Biosensing Applications (Poster by Jacopo Movilli)

We warmly congratulate them on the awards and look forward to new developments in their research career!

Read more about the Twente / Mainz Mini-Symposium here.

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