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The online version of Pharmaceutical Substances is updated regularly and currently contains over 2,600 active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs). These updates add new APIs (as they have been approved by the FDA), complete entries of the previous update with further information (for example ATC codes), and add new software features.

Click here for details about the current version Pharmaceutical Substances 4.3.

PS Update 4.5 05.12.2018 Update 4.5

Syntheses, patents and applications of drugs are accessible in an easy-to-use online version. Update 4.5 provides 15 new APIs.

PS Update 4.4. 07.05.2018 Update 4.4

Update 4.4 provides 14 new APIs

Pharmaceutical Substances Update 4.3 - Thieme Chemistry - Georg Thieme Verlag KG 28.11.2017 Update 4.3

Update 4.3 contains 17 new APIs including five recently approved anticancer drugs, two antidiabetic SGLT-2 inhibitors and seven cardiovascular drugs.

30.05.2017 Update 4.2

Update 4.2 provides 16 new APIs.

27.10.2016 Update 4.1

Update 4.1 contains 17 new APIs including seven recently approved anticancers and five protein kinase inhibitors.

22.06.2016 Update 4.0

Update 4.0 contains a new interface, search and structure improvements as well as 20 new APIs.

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