Interview with Matthew J. Fuchter

This Young Career Focus presents Matthew J. Fuchter [Imperial College London (UCL), UK]. Matthew Fuchter completed his PhD in 2006 under the supervision of Professor Anthony G. M. Barrett, FRS FMedSci (Imperial College London, UK) and in close collaboration with Professor Brian Hoffman (Northwestern University, USA). During the following years he did research at the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation, Australia, at the University of Melbourne (Australia), and at the University of London (UK). In 2008 he returned to UCL as Lecturer and was promoted to Senior Lecturer in 2012. Additionally, he is currently the co-Director of the Imperial College MRes course in Drug Discovery and a Research Board member of the Imperial College Institute of Chemical Biology. The Fuchter group has a wide-ranging track record in the design, synthesis and application of organic molecules in chemistry, medicine and materials.

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