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SYNFORM is available as part of the online editions of SYNTHESIS, SYNLETT and SYNFACTS via Thieme E-Journals. This supplementary feature is available free of charge and presents people, trends, and views in synthetic organic chemistry with direct links to all quoted original papers. 

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Interview with Mattia Silvi

This Young Career Focus presents Mattia Silvi (University of Nottingham, UK).

Fe-Catalyzed Intermolecular Amination of Benzylic C(sp3)–H Bonds

Buddhadeb Chattopadhyay describes the intermolecular C(sp3)–H amination and its applications.

Enantioselective Reductive Transformations of Secondary Amides

Pei-Qiang Huang presents reductive transformations of secondary amides using a multicatalysis protocol.

meta-Selective C–H Arylation of Phenols

Liam Ball used a regiodiversion of electrophilic aromatic substitution for the C–H arylation of phenols.

Interview with the SYNTHESIS Best Paper Award Winners 2022

Christoph Schneider gives further insights to his award-winning paper on the asymmetric synthesis of fused tetrahydroquinolines.

Ring Contraction of Metallacyclobutadiene

Haiping Xia and Yu-Mei Lin present a synthesis of metallacyclopropene from metallacyclobutadiene.

Synthesis of Peptide Carbocycles

Steven Bloom used a “Snip-and-Stich” approach to synthesize a large variety of peptide carbocycles.

Interview with Johanna Blacquiere

This Young Career Focus presents Johanna Blacquiere (Western University, Canada).

Single-Atom Catalysis to Synthesize Nitriles

Zehui Zhang describes the oxidative synthesis of nitriles via C–C bond cleavage.

A Concise Synthesis of Tetrodotoxin

Dirk Trauner and Bryan Matsuura present a synthesis of tetrodotoxin, a potent poison found in some fish.

Interview with Jaideep Saha

This Young Career Focus presents Jaideep Saha (Centre of Biomedical Research, India).

The Griess, Sandmeyer, and Pschorr Reactions

This Name Reaction Biography highlights the reactions named after Griess, Sandmeyer and Pschorr.

Synthesis of cis-Thiiranes

Won-jin Chung and Jun-Ho Choi show a diastereoselective access to epoxide congeners.

Interview with Tian-Sheng Mei

This Editorial Board Focus presents Tian-Sheng Mei (Shanghai Institute of Organic Chemistry, P. R. of China).

Interview with Oliver Dumele

This Young Career Focus presents Oliver Dumele (Humboldt Universität zu Berlin, Germany).

Pd-Catalyzed Synthesis of Azaheterocycles

Peng Wang presents the synthesis of azaheterocycles starting from unactivated alkenes.

Enantioselective Diborylation of 1‑Chloro-1-trifluoromethylalkenes

Qiuling Song describes the Cu-catalyzed sp2/sp3 diborylation of 1‑chloro-1-trifluoromethylalkenes.

Electron in a Cube

Midori Akiyama reports on the synthesis and characterization of perfluorocubane.

Remote C–H Bond Functionalization of Cyclic Amines

Weijie Chen provides a Graphical Review on developments in C–H bond functionalization of cyclic amines.

Versatile Synthons in the Synthesis of Heterocycles

Mark Mitton-Fry presents recent highlight on the use of aryl methyl ketones in heterocycles synthesis in a Graphical Review.

C–H Bond Functionalization of Amines

Daniel Seidel summarizes recent results on C–H bond functionalization of amines in form of a Graphical Review.

Interview with Laurence Harwood and Daniel Seidel

This Editorial Board Focus presents the views of Laurence Harwood and Daniel Seidel on the journal SynOpen.

Total Synthesis and Activity of Stemoamide-Type Alkaloids

Takaaki Sato describes the synthesis and anti-inflammatory activity of stemoamide-type alkaloids.

meta-C–H Arylation of Anisole Derivatives

M. Ángeles Fernández-Ibáñez shows the direct synthesis of meta-arylated anisoles by reversing the conventional site-selectivity.

Interview with Markus Kärkäs

This Young Career Focus presents Markus D. Kärkäs (KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden).

Palladium-Catalyzed trans-Hydroalkoxylation

Jérôme Waser reports on the counterintuitive use of an aryl iodide additive in C–H bond forming reactions.

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