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SYNFORM is available as part of the online editions of SYNTHESIS, SYNLETT and SYNFACTS via Thieme E-Journals. This supplementary feature is available free of charge and presents people, trends, and views in synthetic organic chemistry with direct links to all quoted original papers. 

20th Anniversary of Science of Synthesis

In this article Thieme Chemistry is celebrating a milestone in the history of Science of Synthesis.

Photoredox-Catalysed Formal C–H/C–H Coupling of Arenes

David Procter reports the use of the interrupted Pummerer reaction for C–H functionalisation processes.

C–H Bond Activation in Tertiary Alkylamines

Matthew Gaunt presents the first examples of a tertiary alkylamine directed C(sp3)–H activation reaction.

Interview with Pol Besenius

This Editorial Board Focus presents Pol Besenius (Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz, Germany).

Interview with SYNTHESIS Best Paper Award winner André Charette

André Charette gives insights into the research on the synthesis of cis- and trans-borocyclopropylmethanol.

Interview with Tatiana Besset

This Young Career Focus presents Tatiana Besset (INSA Rouen, France).

Photosensitized Intermolecular Carboimination of Alkenes

Frank Glorius describes an intermolecular, two‐component vicinal carboimination of alkenes.

Cobalt-Catalyzed Radical Hydroamination of Alkenes

Zhan Lu reports a ligand-promoted cobalt-catalyzed Markovnikov-type selective radical hydroamination of alkenes.

Interview with SYNLETT Best Paper Award winner Phil Baran

Phil Baran talks about highlights his award-winning paper on a simple method for electrochemical alkyl C–H fluorination.

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