Interview with Jianhui Huang

This Young Career Focus presents Jianhui Huang (Tianjin University, P. R. of China).

SYNFORM presents an interview with Jianhui Huang (Tianjin University, P. R. of China). Jianhui Huang is from Tianjin (P. R. of China) and received his B.A. degree in analytical chemistry from Hu’nan University (P. R. of China) in 2000. He moved to the University of York (UK) in 2003 where he worked towards his Ph.D. under the guidance of Professor Peter O’Brien.

After having finished postdoctoral studies at The University of Sheffield (UK) with Professor Joseph Harrity, he started his independent research in 2010 when he returned to China and joined the faculty as an Associate Professor of Medicinal Chemistry in the School of Pharmaceutical Science and Technology at Tianjin University (P. R. of China). His research interest covers the development of new synthetic tools and design/synthesis of useful metal-containing scaffolds for medical purposes.

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