• From left: Prof. Keisuke Suzuki (Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan) and Prof. Takashi Matsumoto (Tokyo University of Pharmacy and Life Sciences, Japan).


First Total Synthesis of Dermocanarin 2

First Total Synthesis of Dermocanarin 2: S. Yamaguchi, N. Takahashi, D. Yuyama, K. Sakamoto, K. Suzuki, T. Matsumoto Synlett 2016, DOI: 10.1055/s-0035-1561417

Dermocanarin 2 is a natural pigment - isolated from an Australian mushroom - which contains a synthetically challenging stereodefined axial biaryl unit, where the two condensed aromatic units are linked through a lactone ring. Now, the groups of Professors Keisuke Suzuki and Takashi Matsumoto from the Tokyo Institute of Technology and Tokyo University of Pharmacy and Life Sciences (Japan), have reported the first total synthesis of this intriguing compound.

  • Synthesis of dermocanarin 2


Professor Suzuki and Professor Matsumoto said: “By the help of enzymes, well-designed σ-symmetric substrates are efficiently desymmetrized, providing an efficient entry to axially chiral biphenyls having various potential applications in complex natural product synthesis.” 

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