• From left: Professor Martin D. Smith, Melissa D’Ascenzio, and Roly J. Armstrong (University of Oxford, UK)


Cation-Directed Enantioselective N-Functionalization of Pyrroles

Martin D. Smith presents his latest results on the cation-directed enantioselective N-functionalization of pyrroles.

Cation-Directed Enantioselective N-Functionalization of Pyrroles: M. D. Smith and co-workers
Synlett 2016, DOI: 10.1055/s-0035-1560813

Chiral non-racemic pyrrole scaffolds are frequently encountered in natural and biologically active compounds; therefore, the development of new enantioselective strategies for assembling in a stereocontrolled manner substituted pyrroles remains a very active area of research. A novel enantioselective cation-directed methodology for preparing N-substituted pyrroles has been recently reported by the group of Professor Martin D. Smith from the University of Oxford (UK), that demonstrated both synthetic efficiency and scope of the process. 

  • Enantioselective N-Functionalization of Pyrroles


Professor Smith said: “This work shows that enantioselective N-functionalization of pyrroles can be achieved using a simple ammonium salt catalyst in the presence of aqueous base. It is also noteworthy that these reactions proceed without an acidifying group on the pyrrole.” 

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