• Prof. H.-G. Schmalz, Dr. S. Chiha (University of Cologne, Germany)


A Stereoselective Synthesis of the ACE Inhibitor Trandolapril

A Stereoselective Synthesis of the ACE Inhibitor Trandolapril: S. Chiha, M. Spilles, J.-M. Neudörfl, H.-G. Schmalz
Synlett 2019, 30, 813–816 

Trandolapril is an orally active angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitor used for the treatment of arterial hypertension in patients who suffered from myocardial infarction with dysfunction of the left heart ventricle. Several syntheses of this compound have been described, but invariably the most difficult challenge is represented by the stereoselective preparation of the trans-octahydro-1H-indole-2-carboxylic acid building block. The group of Professor Hans-Günther Schmalz from the University of Cologne (Germany) has recently reported a new stereoselective synthetic approach to trandolapril that addresses this challenge in a novel and effective manner.

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Professor Schmalz said: “We believe that our work is significant as it demonstrates the great synthetic value of stereo-defined, proline-derived building blocks with unsaturated side chains.” 

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