• From left: Prof. Gustavo Seoane, Prof. Margarita Brovetto (Universidad de la República, Montevideo, Uruguay)


Efficient Access to the Structural Core of Annonaceous Acetogenins

Gustavo Seoane and Margarita Brovetto describe an efficient access to the structural core of annonaceous acetogenins.

Concise Preparation of the Bis-THF Core of Annonaceous Acetogenins: E. Delgue, M. Brovetto, G. Seoane
Synthesis 2016, 48, DOI: 10.1055/s-0035-1561494

Annonaceous acetogenins constitute a large class of compounds (more than 440 known congeners) having potent anticancer activity. Their core structural region is characterized by one to three tetrahydrofuran or tetrahydropyran rings connected by stereodefined C–C bonds and flanked on both sides by hydroxyalkyl groups. The group of G. Seoane and M. Brovetto from the Universidad de la República, Montevideo (Uruguay) have recently reported in an efficient yet simple method for accessing the most common threo/trans/threo/trans/threo core motif in these natural products.

  • Access to the structural core of annonaceous acetogenins


Professor Seoane said: “Bis-THF cores of annonaceous acetogenins were synthesized from bromobenzene by an efficient sequence, which introduces the chirality through an enzymatic step and allows the incorporation of all the carbons of the starting material into the product.” 

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