• From left: Professor A. Cordova, Dr. J. C. Palo Nieto, Dr. S. Afewerki (Mid Sweden University and Stockholm University, Sweden)


Water-Compatible Highly Stereoselective Asymmetric Aldol Reactions Using a Dual Catalyst System

Armando Cordova describes water-compatible stereoselective asymmetric aldol reactions using a dual catalyst system.

Development of an Amino Acid/Hydroxy Oxime Dual Catalyst System for Highly Stereoselective Direct Asymmetric Aldol Reactions in the Presence of Water: M. Mridha, G. Ma, C. Palo-Nieto, S. Afewerki, A. Cordova Synthesis 2016, DOI: 10.1055/s-0036-1588089

The aldol reaction continues to attract enormous interest in organic chemistry, while the emphasis is currently on developing highly efficient, operationally simple and environmentally compatible variants of the reaction. Recently, the group of Professor Armando Cordova from the Mid Sweden University and Stockholm University (Sweden) has reported an interesting version of a stereocontrolled aldol reaction occurring in the presence of water. 

  • Asymmetric Aldol Reactions with a Dual Catalyst System


Professor Cordova said: “By developing and utilizing a simple catalyst system based on the synergistic action of a protected threonine catalyst and a hydroxy oxime catalyst in the presence of water, highly stereoselective aldol reactions were accomplished and also applied to the expeditious total synthesis of D-lyxo-phytosphingosine, with derivatives thereof exhibiting significant immuno-stimulatory and antitumor properties.” 

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