New open access journal at Thieme: Metabolism and Nutrition in Oncology

New York/Stuttgart, May 2013 – Thieme is proud to announce the launch of a new open access journal entitled “Metabolism and Nutrition in Oncology” (MNO). This online journal is dedicated to the interplay of dietary food habits, food, nutrients, metabolism and cancer. At its helm is a highly active editorial board, constituting four experts in the field: Jann Arends, Hartmut Bertz, Paul Urbain (all Freiburg) and Hans Konrad Biesalski from Stuttgart.

Covering all aspects of metabolic pathways in cancer, “MNO” publishes content investigating the pathophysiology of metabolic maldevelopment, as well as the differentiation of metabolic pathways in healthy compared to cancerous tissues. Over the past decades, advances made in cancer research have shown the reaction of single nutrients both in an isolated state or in association with other complexes. Research has further presented evidence for singular nutrients to display both positive and negative effects, on the development of neoplastic cells, as well as interacting cancer therapies. By focusing on metabolic processes in cancer, “MNO” aims to encourage researchers to study the relationship between tumor metabolism and food products and their characteristic nutritional components.

“The relationship between nutrition and metabolism becomes even more significant when considering the fact that tumor patients are usually found malnourished. In this context, new insights into the relationship between microbiomes and malnutrition could open up new horizons in improving the nutritional status of cancer patients. A journal that takes nutrition, food and its elements into account when examining oncological issues allows readers with a primarily oncology-based background to discover new possibilities of nutrition as part of the prevention and treatment of cancer. At the same time, there are new impulses to be had for researchers specializing in biochemistry, nutrition science, endocrinology and related fields. And that is exactly why a new journal such as MNO is needed.”, Professor Hans Biesalski, Institute of Biological Chemistry and Nutrition, University of Stuttgart, Germany and member of the Editorial Board of “MNO”.

MNO publishes original research, review articles, and case reports. Rapid communications are also accepted with expedited processing times for the release of the very latest research results. All articles submitted to MNO undergo rigorous peer review. As an open access journal, all articles in MNO are made freely available for all to read and download from Thieme E-Journals. Additionally, print issues are available on demand.

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About Metabolism and Nutrition in Oncology

Metabolism and Nutrition in Oncology is an Open Access journal covering all aspects of metabolic pathways in cancer. All articles are made freely available for all to read and download from Thieme E-Journals. In addition, print issues are available on demand. For further information please visit

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