Write for "MSK"

"MSK" is the largest German language professional journal for musculosceletal (statt manipulative) therapists. It was founded by members of various leading manual therapy groups in Germany, Austria and Switzerland and editors are members of these groups. The first edition was published in 1997. There are 5 journals in a year.

Goals of MSK: The journal disseminates original research and facilitates continuing education for manual therapists. It is dedicated to the advancement of manual therapy in the German speaking countries through the publication of critical reviews, research and scholarly work concerned with the scientific basis and clinical application of manual therapy. It may also be an outlet for new ideas and present challenges to customary practice.


We are particularly pleased when we receive good quality submissions for the journal.


We would like to encourage all therapists, interested doctors, and sports teachers to write articles for "MSK".

The journal comprises several sections:

  • In the section "Original Papers" you may publish your own studies (e.g. literature reviews, reliability studies, efficacy studies).
  • In the section "Case Reports", you can write about your own experiences.
  • In the section "Professional Knowledge", you may place any subject of interest for manual therapists (biomechanics, functional anatomy, physiology, etc.).
  • In the section "From Practice - for Practitioners", you may pass valuable experience onto colleagues.
  • Since 1998 we have been awarding a prize of € 500 to articles written in the context of postgraduate studies OMT courses. You should participate in this competition. It would be a pity if your new insights were lost to your German speaking colleagues.

Please promote and enhance "MSK" in German speaking countries with your contribution. The editors are looking for authors in the international field as well as in the German speaking area. Articles submitted in English or other languages and accepted by the editors for publication in "manuelletherapie" are translated into German at the publisher's expense. The publishing house and the editors are responsible for the correctness of the translations.

Do you have difficulties in composing articles?
No problem - our copyeditor will transform clumsy texts into readable contributions. This is her job and she enjoys it. You are the expert in manual therapy, copyeditors are experts regarding text processing.

An additional reward:
As an author of a Thieme journal, you will be granted a discount of 20% on each Thieme product during the three months following the publication of your article.


Any questions? Please contact:
Georg Thieme Verlag KG
Joachim Schwarz
Redaktion MSK
Postfach 30 11 21
D-70451 Stuttgart

We are looking forward to your contribution.

Your editorial team: Johannes Bessler, Dr. Claus Beyerlein, Sebastian Klien, Astrid Polzer, Michael Richter, Arne Vielitz.


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