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Journal of Neurological Surgery


Neurosurgeons, skull base surgeons, otolaryngology-head and neck surgeons

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The Journal of Neurological Surgery (JNLS) is a major monthly publication from the world’s leading publisher in neurosurgery. It is a peer-reviewed journal publishing original research, review articles, and technical notes covering all aspects of neurological surgery. JNLS currently serves as the official organ of eight national and international neurosurgery and skull base societies

Editors in Chief: M. Gleeson, D. Kraus, V. Rohde

Specialties: The focus of Journal of Neurological Surgery includes microsurgery as well as the latest minimally invasive and skull base surgical techniques, such as stereotactic-guided surgery, endoscopy, and endovascular procedures

Frequency: 12 issues/year

Advertorials: Available on a limited basis. Subject to approval and review by the Editors in Chief

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