Select Crowd Reviewing: A Form of Collective Peer Review

Select Crowd Review (SCR) is a new, innovative review process for the International Journal of Sports Medicine (IJSM) that complements the journal's traditional (“classic”) peer review process. The SCR process uses the mechanisms of social media communication. 

How it Works
A selection of several experts, who are exclusive members of the crowd, receive a link to the manuscript and can comment on it anonymously via a secure web-interface.

Please watch the following video tutorial, provided by Crowd-Review Editor Rafael Deminice, Department of Physical Education, Faculty of Physical Education and Sport, State University of Londrina, Londrina (BRA). He explains in this short video, how the select crowd review works on our select crowd review platform:

Please, klick this link to whatch the video tutorial

Select Crowd Review meets the requirements of IJSM’s double-blind peer review: only the Crowd-Review Editor knows who the reviewers are, while monitoring the process. The author's identity is not revealed to the crowd members, and vice versa.
Each reviewer decides whether he or she has the time and expertise to comment on the particular manuscript. Participating reviewers see each otherʼs (anonymous) comments and can discuss the research featured in the paper to improve the manuscript further. They can respond, interact, and enhance it in parallel.
The Crowd-Review Editor decides on the termination of the review period. When the review period ends, the manuscript is taken off the platform. In the next step, the Crowd-Review Editor evaluates the comments of the reviewers, decides about accepting (with or without revision) or rejecting the article, and sends the feedback of the crowd to the author for consideration and implementation.

What it Offers
Experience with Select Crowd Review has shown that the innovative process provides authors with substantial feedback that is of equivalent quality to traditional peer review. Editors can often use SCR to make faster decisions about whether to accept a manuscript, shortening the time from submission to publication.

Submit your Paper and try Select Crowd Review now!
The IJSM is offering SCR to authors on a voluntary basis:

  1. By submitting your manuscript to the IJSM and selecting “Crowd Review” as your preference, you can experience and discover the process for yourself.
  2. As in the past, you can also choose exclusively classic peer review.

Would you like to be a part of the “SCR crowd”? How to apply as Select Crowd Reviewer
The collegial and anonymous exchange of views on scientific manuscripts via SCR can provide valuable insights and experience.
If you are interested in actively participating in SCR at IJSM as a crowd member, please send an email to Please attach a short CV and provide the following information listed so that we can see what kind of specialised scientific knowledge and prior experience you have.

  1. Full name:
  2. Institution:
  3. Your primary e-mail address (institutional e-mail address):
  4. If available, your secondary e-mail-address (personal e-mail address):
  5. 3 to 5 keywords that define your area of expertise/research:
  6. Area the expertise in IJSM (select one or more):
  • __ Training & Testing;
  • __ Physiology & Biochemistry;
  • __ Orthopaedics & Biomechanics;
  • __ Nutrition;
  • __ Behavioural Sciences;
  • __ Genetics & Molecular Biology; Clinical Sciences

We are looking forward to your manuscripts for the IJSM! 
We look forward to receiving your e-mail if you would like to be a part of the “SCR crowd”!

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